Kelvin Swaby Lead Singer from The Heavy


The Heavy, one of those bands that often deliver a surprise when playing live, it’s easy and lazy to fall into stereotypes when lead singer Kelvin Swaby walks on stage. The norm is dispelled immediately when crunching guitars and big as your boots rock rifts blast through the speakers. I first came across The Heavy in 2009 at the End of the Road Festival, Wiltshire, the UK  where they played one of the smaller stages.

If the King is Dead – Long Live the Spoon Player

I was surrounded by a melting pot of music emerging from a variety of food outlets and stage performances in the distance. Above all the sound I could hear the Spoon Player. Riding his tricycle bike around aimlessly, making whooping shouts to grab attention he stopped at random locations, dismounts and starts playing his spoons. Once a sufficient audience is garnished he kicks off into his Elvis renditions.

I asked if I can take some photographs. He nods in agreement and he immediately launches into ‘Blue Suede Shoes.’  There is an endearing insanity with these types of performers. In between festivals I’m not sure what they do other than hibernate. I managed to have a small chat with the Spoon Player before he mounted his tricycle bike and spun off to his next engagement.

“How long have you been doing this?” I ask.

“Doing what?” He replies.

“Your routine” I explained.

“Since when I was born in 1935. I had a strange alien encounter in 1977 and I was whisked away to another plant. My looks have gone, but the pelves still works” He replied.

“Oh”, I said

“Your welcome” he replied as he jumped onto his tricycle bike and rode off whooping.

I felt like saying aloud, “The Spoon Player has left the building,” but I didn’t.

Wild Bill

I don’t really know his name. I made Wild Bill up because he reminds me of the famous western character. It was purely an opportune moment. He was walking past me and I simply asked if I could take his photo.  He smiled, said,“yes of course. Would you like me to take my hat off?” he asked. “If you don’t mind” I replied.

I quickly took these 4 shots and Wild Bill was quickly on his way. A perfect gentleman.

Seasick Steve – West Holts Stage, Glastonbury 2013

I took these photos of Steven Gene Wold, commonly known as Seaside Steve during his set at last years Glastonbury Festival where alongside John Paul Jones (bass) and Dan Magnusson (drums) he delivered the goods on the West Holts Stage. Before the gig and backstage I managed to see him play a nafty hand of table tennis too.



Grillstock is called ‘meat and mayhem’ event in Bristol 2013 and I was with my mate Derek. It was not a particularly beautiful day with a little rain and chill that made the whole day a little unpredictable. A band had just struck up and started bringing the crowd around them on a minor stage area. The group called Bite the Buffalo and from the corner of my eye, I saw this young lady climb onto the picnic table situated to the rear of the crowd and start to dance.

Fire Starter Twisted Fire Starter (Kemptown Carnival, Brighton) 2013

The Kemptown carnival is one of Brighton’s largest free community events. Maundering through the busy crowd and in the near distance I could here the repetitive beats of techno music (something I normally avoid to be honest). There was a hive of curiosity surrounding the music. I managed to find my way through the crowd and take this shot. After taking the photograph I smiled and nodded a casual thank you, which he returned. I could see a little bit of the devil in his face just for the brief moment. Respect.

Why grow up?

Why grow up?

Black Horse – Wiltshire

I love walking around the Wiltshire country side and the nearby New Forest. I remember on this occasion I was on a long walk and stopped for a rest. As I leaned against the fence this beautiful black horse majestically walked over to me. Acknowledge my presence, took a quick look, checked me out and then rejoined the others. It was one of those strange moments where you feel a connection took place.

Black Horse

Black Horse

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