Having had a structured career until my 50s I now hold a portfolio of projects and clients.

a) West Holts Stage, Glastonbury Festival

I’m the Area Organiser for the West Holts Stage at Glastonbury Festival. It’s my responsibility to plan and lead the amazing crew, which delivers a safe and enjoyable West Holts Stage experience for festival goers. You can find out more about the stage by clicking the following link here

Glastonbury Festival to me is like Brigadoon, a mysterious town that appears for only a short-time every 12 months. I’ve had an association with the festival for nearly 20+ years and with the West Holts Stage for 18 years.

b) Photography

In between Glastonbury Festival, I’m a photographer. Developing my own projects, style, and approach.  My studio work consists of portraits with a social comment/observation.

In 2019 my first Bristol exhibition is due to be held under the working title Sticks and Stones. I also undertake photography assignments for Bristol (South West) charities, community groups and social enterprises. Examples of my work can be found on this website and various links to other platforms you can access on the main page.

c) Community Consultant

In 2016 I left my 25-year career in local government and not for profit charities to be with and provide care for both my terminally ill parents. To be blunt I had outstayed my welcome in local government, an opinion that was properly shared with some of the people I knew at the time and with justification. Managing the decline of local services was not my passion, which I did for the last 3 years of working in local government at Lambeth Council.

I provide up to 40% of my working hours (in-kind) to local charities, community groups and causes I feel passionate about, namely:

  • Homelessness and its many causes.
  • Young people, especially those living in neighbourhoods with multiple needs and vulnerable to violent gangs and criminality.
  • The protection and improvement of green and open spaces, especially in areas of poverty and health inequalities.
  • Tackling animal cruelty.

30 years of senior management experience in both local government and the none profit sector. I have worked in some of the most economically and culturally diverse communities in the United Kingdom, including Brixton, Bristol, Teesside, and Greenwich.

  • I’ve developed organisational strategies and business plans that deliver real, practical and measurable outcomes.
  • Improved partnership working.
  • Planned and carried out statutory consultation programmes.
  • Lead on the development and implementation of the cooperative council and commissioning model.
  • Produced community engagement, voluntary sector and community asset transfer policies through to their delivery.
  • Been called upon to handle an unforeseen crisis within an organisation, assess the problem, develop a recovery plan and implement it.
  • Hosted, chaired and facilitated challenging meetings and discussions.
  • Provided external supervision for individuals and teams.
  • Prepared funding strategies and written successful funding applications.

If you feel any of these skills and knowledge can help your charity with a small, fixed-term project then I’m always interested to hear from you. The worst I can do is say no, but if I do I will endeavour to put you in contact with somebody who might be able to help.

d) Campaigning and lobbying

Many local community groups often feel a sense of frustration when it comes to trying to get their voice heard above the crowd, especially in a local government setting. Having worked in local government and having to influence its network of partners including the police, health service, government departments and private sector partners I know the tricks and levers to pull to get your voice heard.

10 years experience as an elected councillor in my native North East: Deputy leader, Committee Chair and Group Secretary and Whip have also provided me with a unique mixture of knowledge, experience, and capabilities.

Thank you for taking the time to get this far. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel I can help.


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