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8.20pm on 17th July 2016

Never look back, it is said and on several occasions, I would tend to agree with such sentiments. Not tonight though as a gentle breeze eased the Mediterranean, I am left pondering. My journey this evening had started some 30 years ago with the opening up of a personal pension. My stated ambition at the time was to retire at 55 years old, travel and take photographs. While sitting at home during October 2015, a letter dropped on the hallway floor. It was the pension company’s so-called “wake up” letter informing me that my ambition to retire at 55 was fast appearing, and it was time to review the plan. It’s 8.20pm on 17th July 2016 I looked across the bay, raised the camera to my face, took a deep breath and pressed the button. ThereĀ are so many people to thank, so many observations to make, to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly which will come later, but for now, I will continue to take photographs.


Menorca July 2016

It’s very hot and I’m sat in the shade with my back against the wall just watching people and drinking my bottled water. Spanning the view locals get on with their business whilst tourists eat ice-creams. The two worlds seem to tolerate each other but seldom collide.

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