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Today I Stumbled Upon: Medium Mystic: Demo

Medium Mystic are a Brooklyn, New York garage band who have released a five track selection under the title Demo, which consists of catchy hooks and very competent songwriting. You can listen to Demo through the link below, which is also available on a name your price basis.

Fading Sun

Sitting in the kitchen and viewing the garden. Realising the seasons are turning with the fading sun casting her beams of light lower and lower each day. The sunflowers are lowering their heads in saddened defeat.


Bath Streets

Earning an income from the streets of bath city centre. The artist who stands perfectly still awaiting the clinging of coins in the collection box at their feet. The pigeon man who coerces tourist into photographs covered in birds, annoying the locals and cafe owners alike.



One of my favourite soul, funk, jazz bands on the musical circuit at this moment in time. Ephemerals don’t miss a beat. I took these photographs during the first of their two sets at the Wilderness Festival, Oxford.

Radiohead: Present Tense

Autumn’s First Gold

A riverbank walk and the sights of autumn’s first gold, the leafs are changing colour and the air is distinctively chillier.

North Yorkshire Moors

There are certain spots on the North Yorkshire Moors where you can stand and look out towards the north sea, or you can get lost in the winding roads that led to small, often forgotten villages and watching the clouds threaten with intent.


Much has been made about the wonders of Venice, but few ever venture deep enough across its less touristy, yet still historical hidden places. Beyond hundreds of canals and a diverse architectural style, a secret facet of Venetian life lives on, in which the journey of hand crafting gondola wooden oars and loomed fabrics remains rooted in ancient folk traditions. This short film uncovers the secrets that have been handed down from father to son and projects you to the Venice that existed 500 years ago, immersing you in the extraordinary craftsmen’s veiled workshops that belong to a long lost era. This project has been produced in partnership with René Caovilla, the master Venetian shoemaker who has overwhelmed the world with his creations. This video is an homage to the city of Venice on behalf of René Caovilla

For more information click this link

Lyme Regis

Bristol Skyline

Holding my breath and counting the clouds. Inhale, exhale. The sun slowly descends tonight. I’m standing on the decking at the rear of my house, just watching the city and the skyline. I live here, and I live. The city is talking, and her whispers carry through the air. I sit on the step and just watch, listen and take this photograph.


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