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Finding an album, which I actually listen to right through has become increasingly difficult over the years. Sure there is plenty of great tunes and artists out there, but I sense the likes of iTunes has devalued the ‘great album’ concept. This is my adventure to discover music using the Bandcamp website. You can find details of full collection of music gathered from the website here:

Today I stumbled upon Hugar

A beautiful collection of songs from Iceland. Hugar are Bergur Þórisson & Pétur Jónsson. Haunting and uplifting tunes, which provides an evocative soundscape to relax too. Þórisson & Jónsson have been playing together for many years in all kinds of different bands but in early 2012 they decided to form a group of their own where they could experiment.

The album is available on Bandcamp on a name your own price basis. The other instrumentalists are, Ólafur Arnalds – Drums, Pétur Björnsson – Violin, Sólveig Vaka Eyþórsdóttir – Violin, Guðbjartur Hákonarson – Viola, Hrafnhildur Marta Guðmundsdóttir – Cello, Björgvin Ragnar Hjálmarsson – Clarinet and bass clarinet.


Three record labels each with a roster of artists able to ease you into the darker nights of Autumn and the first signs of winter. Clicking on the headings below will take you to the main website for each of the record labels where you will be able to access the full catalogues on offer. Predominantly you will find a crossover of ambient, electronic and classic styles. Sit back, put on some headphones and enjoy.


The name Serein was taken from a meteorological dictionary, it is used to describe ‘fine rain falling from a clear sky after sunset’. Located in Wales, Serein features artists from across the world. I came across Serein whilst slumming in my sick bed recently and immediately fell in love with their spectrum of sounds. The label provides an archive of free downloads, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Erased Tapes

Erased Tapes Records is a London based independent record label focusing on releasing avant-garde music which is widely regarded as very diverse in genres and styles. The record company was established in early 2007

Unperceived Records

UP is an independent record label founded by german based composer Hannes Kretzer. Like everyone UP love treasures and that’s what you might find here. The label aims to support freshly hatched artists, grow with them and give more people the opportunity to explore their music. 

Medium Mystic: Demo

Medium Mystic are a Brooklyn, New York garage band who have released a five track selection under the title Demo, which consists of catchy hooks and very competent songwriting. You can listen to Demo through the link below, which is also available on a name your price basis.

Synthwave Further Listening for Fans of “Stranger Things”

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Com Truise, Xander Harris, Yves De mey, and Diamondstein.
From the left: Com Truise, Xander Harris, Yves De mey, and Diamondstein.

There are many reasons for the runaway success of Stranger Things. More than just being a tasteful ’80s tribute, the hit Netflix series gets so many of the small emotional details right: the heated D&D campaigns, the moonlit bike rides, the welcome return of Winona Ryder, and the narrative references to the Greatest Steves of All Time: King and Spielberg.

Then there’s there’s the score, courtesy of S U R V I V E’s Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, which never feels cheesy or forced. Instead, it strikes a nostalgic chord, favoring subtle and sinister cues that either match or set the mood of nearly every pivotal scene. The title sequence is the perfect example—an instant meme that sneaks up behind you and whispers, “Boo.”

With S U R V I V E’s Relapse debut (

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The Sharp Medicine: Animals of Power

Great to see and hear new material from Sharp Medicine.

Released August 9, 2016. Written and arranged by Andrew Stein and The Sharp Medicine

Vocals & Guitar: Andrew Stein
Bass & Vocals: Anthony Vancture
Drums: Mike Krol

Guitar and drums recorded at Downtown Rehearsal Studios in Los Angeles. Lead vocals recorded at Formosa Studios in Santa Monica. Bass guitar, backing vocals and synth recorded in Anthony Vancture’s closet.