With over 30 years experience of working across the community, not for profit, public, social and charitable sectors I am able to design bespoke approaches be it:

  • Making the pragmatic connection between high-level strategic aspirations and practical delivery. so things actually happen.
  • Improving how you work with others.
  • Planning and carrying out consultation programmes and events.
  • Preparing your group for the world of commissioning.
  • Getting you back on track if an unforeseen crisis has taken you away from delivering your core priorities.
  • Hosting, chairing and facilitating challenging meetings and panel discussions.
  • A practical project management approach that is proportionate to your capacity and needs
  • Guiding you through the reviews of your business and strategic plans.
  • Providing external supervision and coaching ensuring you get the best out of your teams and teams.
  • Developing funding strategies.
  • Helping you to creatively problem solve when you have hit a brick wall.

Having worked in a senior directorship role both in local government and the none profit sector, as well having previously served 10 years as a locally elected councillor in my native North East I bring a unique mixture of knowledge, experience and capabilities.

Professionally, I have worked in some of the most economically, socially and culturally diverse communities in the United Kingdom, Brixton, Bristol, Teesside, Greenwich, as well as being invited to speak at conferences, seminars and workshops on a diverse range of subjects including making the cooperative council a reality, community asset transfer – pit fall and mountain views.

My Approach

  • Honesty.
  • A personal as well as a professional commitment towards equalities.
  • Practical and workable solutions.
  • Designed around your needs.
  • Confidentiality assured.

I will leave a legacy of trust and satisfaction because I want you to recommend me to other groups. I do not invest in marketing and rely upon word of mouth. Simple.


I do not have a standard day rate. In some cases, fees will be reduced or possibly waived if you are a not-for-profit/charity/community group:

  • Going through financial difficulties and threatened with closure within 6 months of making contact.
  • Working with those who are at risk homelessness or violence.

If for any other reason I am unable to help you I will advise you accordingly and if possible signpost you to an alternative.

Where I am based

I live in the South West of England (Bristol) and travel throughout the region.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel I can help.

John Kerridge