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Dawdon Colliery

During the miners strike in the 1980s I raised funds for the families of striking miners and their communities. My chosen pit and mining community to support was Dawdon Colliery. The decision to create a new pit at Dawdon was taken by the Marquess of Londonderry in the late 19th century. Dawdon was a major coal producer for the Londonderry family throughout their ownership, and was later a jewel in the crown for the National Coal Board too. The colliery was eventually closed in July 1991 as part of Margaret Thatchers pit closure programme. Pit men and boys who lost their lives at Dawdon Colliery Are listed below with their ages.  My thoughts are with you today.
Attwood, George: 34
Bacon, Edward: 51
Barden, James: 34
Baron, Joseph: 32
Black, JA: 27
Boad, G: 60
Bolton, J: 49
Briggs, Robert: 30
Brown, F: 63
Bryan, John: 20
Buckley, J: 16
Carr, S: 62
Casey, Randolph: 44
Close, Francis: 42
Clyde, George: 44
Coates, Thomas: 14
Crake, R: 24
Davis, W: 55
Davison, William: 24
Dodds, Charles: 31
Douglas, Thomas: 26
Duck, Frederick: 15
Dunn, Henry: 27
Edminson, M: 60
Emery, William: 26
Evans, George: 63
Field, John: 51
Fleury, James: 17
Foster, Ralph: 14
Freeman, Thomas: 37
Geddes, W: 57
Glithro, Thomas: 25
Greenwood, George: 44
Grieves, Ralph: 26
Hamilton, Charles: 19
Hasson, Frederick: 20
Hastings, Samuel: 19
Hepworth, Robert: 14
Hockings, W: 15
Hughes, Richard: 14
Hull, James: 26
Jones, S: 34
Judd, T: 43
Kennedy, Robert: 18
Langley, Norman: 47
Lawrence, John: 26
Little, J: 21
Maratty, J: 45
Maratty, Patrick: 18
Marsh, Ed John: 14
McDonald, Alexander: 46
McDonough, Bernard: 14
Mead, William: 36
Muir, JH: 15
Murphy, John: 29
Musgrove, Frank Currie: 17
Nixon, T: 51
Nugent, H: 15
Olley, Edward: 39
Owen, Ralph: 41
Phelan, John: 19
Pigg, F: 17
Potts, George: 22
Preston, John: 17
Robinson, Daniel: 17
Robson, Emmerson: 38
Rodgers, William W: 14
Rogan, Vincent: 48
Rogerson, Frederick: 11
Rudkin, J: 59
Schneider, George: 36
Shepherd, Walter: 14
Simpson, Joseph: 49
Smith, George: 23
Snaith, Alfred: 31
Spence, Randolph: 37
Tempest, W: 51
Thirlwell, William: 44
Turns, David Dick Brown: 50
Walker, W: 38
Walters, Edward: 45
Waugh, Charles: 38
Wheatman, Ralph: 24
Williams, John: 40
Williams, Silas: 53
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  1. kevin northorpe #

    best pit ive worked at 79 to 91 everybody else who worked there has only good things to say about it.great set of lads and the banter was exellent.

    October 18, 2013
    • Hi Kevin

      Apologies for the delay in replying and thank you for your message. Do you by any chance have any photos from your time at Dawdon?

      Best wishes John

      October 21, 2013

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