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Ode to Johnny Dowd

As we mull the prospect of a successful vaccine and a return to enjoying live music. I would guess the artist I’ve seen more in concert over the years will be Johnny Dowd. On one occasion travelling from Bristol up to The Band Room (properly the greatest small venue on earth, according to the Hanson Family) on the North Yorkshire Moors. The Thunderbolt, Bristol, gig on the 19th October 2016 was also a particular joy too.

If you’ve never come across Johnny Dowd, his musical style may be difficult to define although the term maverick is often applied. Zappa, Beefheart, Waits, Cave and a big drop of wry, dry humour forced into a kitchen blender on full speed and left unattended to spin. Amongst his various release’s I tend to migrate back to the No Regrets album, 2012.

One Million Miles

There is an emptiness to Dungeness.

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Synthesiser for the Devil

Mysterious Vee calls from a telephone booth in rural Punjab....

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Midnight Surfers

Krautrock 1968-1979

The Mysterious Vee presents with one hour of classic #Krautrock from a telephone booth lost in a Wide Open Field.

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Forever and Ever.

A Promise to Call

Catch the tide


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