Nadine Shah – A Touch of Class

My album of 2013 to date is Nadine Shah’s ‘Love Your Dum and Mad’. I’m sure over the coming months Shah will be increasingly linked to influences like Radiohead, Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, but personally I think this is rather lazy journalism. Whilst no doubt received by the artist as a compliment the comparisons do not give the creative recognition for quite a remarkable album. The musical depth and journey Shah takes the listener on is certainly not a route the average X Factor fan may appreciate especially with the albums opening track Aching Bones (video below) with a brooding and menacing bass line that sets the tone for the album.

It is difficult to set aside what will be a growing cliché about Shah’s Pakistani heritage, but set against the struggle women often have to be taken seriously in the male dominated world of so called ‘alternative/indie rock’ Shah is in a remarkable position to push against a few barriers.  Whilst there are naturally influences that have helped shape lyrics and songs Shah deserves to be seen and heard first and foremost as a serious artist.  I first came across Shah as a featured artist on the equally satisfying album by Maya Jane Coles called ‘Comfort’ whilst this particular album is structured more around electronic beats and ventures quite confidentially into Massive Attack/Tricky territory its ‘Love Your Dum and Mad’ that gets my vote. Do yourself a favour give both albums a try and celebrate that in a time of sanitised chart regurgitation we have two extremely talented women leading the way out of the ordinary and mundane.  Nadine Shah is embarking on an extensive UK tour further information can be found on the link below:

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