Start Point, Devon. UK

Start Point is a promontory in the South Hams district in Devon, England. Close to the most southerly point in the county, it marks the southern limit of Start Bay, which extends northwards to the estuary of the River Dart.


6 thoughts on “Start Point, Devon. UK

      1. singlemomtakingovertheworld

        Our rough draft plans are to fly into London stay a few days. Then take the train to Paris and stay a few days. But those plans might change here or there before we get the tickets. We have just started the planning for this trip! Any advice on where to go
        Or not go?

      2. John Kerridge Post author

        Depends on what experience you are seeking. London is to be avoided in the summer months, but if you want to see the main sites autumn is best. If you want to see ‘old England’ then you will need to venture out of London. If you get the chance try the Lake District in Cumbria.

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