Paul Reid is the first Director of Black Cultural Archives, which is located in the centre of Brixton, London and founded in 1981. The Black Cultural Archives’ mission is to collect, preserve and celebrate the heritage and history of Black people in Britain.  They opened the UK’s first dedicated Black heritage centre in Brixton, London in July 2014.  The Centre has  an unparalleled archive collection offering insight into the history of people of African and Caribbean descent in Britain. Paul Reid is the Director of the organisation and heritage centre.

3 thoughts on “Paul Reid: Director of the Black Cultural Archives, Brixton

  1. Ami minto

    Hello I am trying to find a family member once known as Paul Menzies Reid . Last known address was in Bristol. Long shot but is this yourself? I’m his niece his sister wasJulia Menzies Reid.

    Sorry to bother you if I’m wrong .

    1. John Kerridge Post author

      Hello Ami sorry, but no. The Paul Reid I know is very much London based with little to no ties to Bristol. If you send me some more details through the contact page on this webite I will look into it a bit more. Best wishes luck with your search, John.

    2. Robert Rawlinson

      I can’t help I’m afraid but I had a friend called Paul Reid in Mansfield who I think went to Bristol Rep in about 1968. Did you find him?


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