Over five days Worthy Farm is a venue where 170,000 people enjoy music, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, and other performing arts, but for the remaining 350 days it is a place of work.  We conveniently forget this when leaving Glastonbury Festival considering the 500,000+ sacks of rubbish and the large assortment of camping gear carelessly abandoned by party goers. I wanted to capture a selection of photographs of when the land is at peace, as well as hunting down any telltale signs of the festival. There is something tranquil, but equally strange when walking around the site at this time. Instead of the loud music, smells of food cooking and the bustling crowds, you only have the noise of nature to interrupt your thoughts. When the music’s over, maybe we should all give a little bit more thought about the remaining 350 days of the year and leave no trace. I hope you enjoy the photographs.

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