13 million people in the UK currently live below the poverty line, which is the combined population of London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester & Glasgow. Currently, under production, I Am Hunger is a film that will celebrate the vital work of individual volunteers, self-funded charities and community groups engaged in defending those most vulnerable citizens who find themselves hungry and without shelter. The film will also explore some of the route causes and possible solutions to the steep rise in poverty and homelessness, but ultimately this movie is about you and what you can do given the first step towards change is the one you decide to take.

Anthony Tombling Jr is the director of the film. Anthony is currently a self-funded independent filmmaker. Anthony first started producing music videos before moving into Documentary. Anthony originally comes from a music background. Some of Anthony’s musical work can be heard on the original Ex Machina soundtrack, which won 2016, Ivor Novello. Anthony is now concentrating on making documentary films that cover social issues affecting communities. His latest film A River follows the impact of a license to frack upon a much-loved river in Wales. Narrated by celebrated actor Michael Sheen OBE, the film has already been well received on the independent film festival circuit and was a feature at last year’s East End Film Festival. The film was also screened at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster and the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff, taking the community’s story into the heart of British politics. Anthony’s work can be further explored here: unit3films.com

My Role

The artists and creative narrative for this film project are rightly with Anthony. My expertise is used to undertake research into the issues and the people who will ultimately be part of the movie. I also explore investment opportunities, establish the social media platforms, develop awareness campaigns of the film and provide overall project management of the project. Further information on the project can be found here

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