Taste a little Sweetwater

Sweetwater, one of those bands from the 1960s who through a set of circumstances beyond their control never seemed to receive the credit or recognition they so much deserve. Initially conceived as a regular house band playing the coffee shops in and around their native California the band quickly became the regular support for The Doors and The Animals in the late 60s. They charted in the US with a cover of Motherless Child a song most associated with Paul Robeson. Their 1968 first and self-titled album in my humble opinion is a little gem of the original psychedelic era that is often overlooked.

Many a pop quiz pundit will know that Sweetwater were booked to open the original Woodstock in 1969 but due to the numbers attending and the related traffic jams, they were unable to get to the stage on time. Then later that year lead singer Nansi Nevins was badly injured in a car accident, which hindered the progression of the band.

My favourite track from their self titled album is My Crystal Spider while the lyrics to What’s Wrong, (video below), seems more pertinent today than back in 1969.  If you’ve not heard the album and you are partial to a little 60s psychedelia then welcome aboard and take a trip.

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