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No. 3: Pink Floyd

The third toy vehicle from the lockdown production line (under the stairs) is my attempt at replicating the original Pink Floyd tour van, a Bedford, from the mid-1960s.

Pink Floyd are one of those bands who been consistent throughout my musical journey, I bought my first Floyd album in the mid-70s, ‘Wish You Were Here.’ Legend has it that on the day the band were completing the mix for the albums opening track  “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” an overweight man with shaven head and eyebrows entered, carrying a plastic bag. Nobody recognised him until Gilmour identified him as Syd Barrett. The photograph (left) is from the Pink Floyd archive and contains the original Bedford van with Nick Mason loading his drum kit (not sure if this is copyright infringement?). The remainder of the band can be seen peering out of the house window. The model has been refurbished from an old 1960s Dinky Bedford van.

David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) Live


Pink Floyd’s legendary guitarist David Gilmour will be performing a handful of dates at the iconic Albert Hall during October 2015. Two tickets are up for grabs for these sold out shows with proceeds going to the Liberty Choir, a prison rehabilitation project. The project brings together current and former Wandsworth Prison inmates with singers from MJ’s Choirs. In the prison, weekly sessions are available to inmates in 8-week programmes, and all participants are encouraged to continue singing with the choirs after their release. The project is run by MJ Paranzino, singer, composer and choir director, and her partner, the journalist and writer, Ginny Dougary. “It gives real hope and optimism … they don’t just come out of prison into a vacuum and the same temptations. This gives them at least one night a week with something to do where they feel valued, and they can join in with something artistic that is uplifting.” David Gilmour.

If you would like to bid for one of these tickets then click here

If you would like more information or would like to make a donation to the amazing work of the Liberty Choir then click here

MJ’s Liberty Choir programme is managed by a Community Interest Company called MJ’s Community Choirs. All income is used to benefit the community by delivering programmes in the prison and extending and developing the Liberty Choirs. (company number 8323037). One 8-week program costs £6500. £39,000 a year to enable continuous weekly sessions