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Gangster’s Incorporated

As the killing and greed continued during the 90s small seeds of hope we’re starting show progress:

1991:The Berlin Wall falls, and like dominoes, authoritarian regimes across Russia and its Soviet satellites do likewise.

1995:The world finally unites on an environmental threat. It bans the production of CFC gases, which are eating the earth’s ozone player.

1997:The IRA called a ceasefire leading to the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

2000:The Camp David Summit brings together Israel and Palestinian leaders in peace talks.

Events, which for many underpinned a resurgence in social democracy and ultimately the election of Obama in 2009.

Then it all turned to ash.

During our recent lockdown period, I wanted to get a better understanding of what had happened and of course, the current hype concerning Russian and China added another dimension.

This is not my review of the 5 books I read and endless hours on the internet, watching documentaries and talking to people who like me have witnessed the rise of populism from these ashes. These five books, if you are interested are:

Karen Dawiska: Putin’s Kleptocracy

Moneyland: Oliver Bullough

Democracy in Chains: Nancy MacLean

Dark Money: Jane Mayer

Putin’s Russia: Anna Politkovskaya

Any of these books will open a door for inquisitive minds who seek the truth. Often not easy reading, but compelling.

As the narrative is carefully sown against Russia and China, of which they are amble evidence of corruption, lazy journalists will follow the bread crumbs laid for them.

Our current predicament is not one sown by reds lurking under our beds, but one born from our own doing. Its origins run much more profound, and long before the fall of the USSR or the growth of China.

Its tentacles emerge from the fatback pockets of wealthy individuals who we have allowed to construct rules to protect their interests.

The oligarchs of Russia and the endless medal brigade of the People’s Republic of China have with their eye-watering wealth forced a place at the table, exclusively occupied by western gangsters.

What can be done?

Well, we can take responsibility and start by not electing their paid agents.