Out in the Field Mix-Tapes

Vol.1: Leo’s Sunshipp, Pete El Conde Rodriguez, Johnny Hammond, Orchestra Harlow, Billy Stewart, Chuck Carbo, Robert Parker, Broadneck, Johnny Otis Show, The Gil Evans Orchestra.

Vol.2: Ofege, People’s Choice, Funkadelic, Edwin Star, Betty Davis, Lil Buck & The Top Cats, Skip Easterling, Cymande, Fabulous Emotions, Barry White.

Vol.3: Robert Belfour, Sly & The Revolutionaries, Charlie Louvin, Centers, The Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Afrissipi, The Selector.

Vol.4: Air, Mum, The Bees, 1 Giant Leap, Craig Armstrong, Moby, Badmarsh and Shri.


West Holts Stage, Glastonbury Festival

As from 2018, I will be taking over the role of Area Organiser for the West Holts Stage, Glastonbury Festival. In a nutshell, my role is to project manage and oversee the delivery of an audience engaged, enjoyable and safe stage at the festival. I’ve been involved in the stage for 15 years, as well as being a regular photographer at the festival. I start with a great legacy and an amazing crew who work tirelessly behind the scenes to give Glastonbury goers a unique experience. I will do my utmost to honour and build on those who have built an amazing stage for future generations.

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