Roseberry Topping – Teesside

My home town is Stockton on Tees. On a recent visit home I went for a walk and climbed the beautiful Roseberry Topping. It was also a beautiful sunny day. Possible the first day in 2013 where I experienced rays of sun on the back of my neck after the dark and wet winter.

2 thoughts on “Roseberry Topping – Teesside

  1. Richard Porch

    Dera Mr. Kerridge,
    I’m writing a local history book about Swansea’s first Borough Architect, Ernest Morgan. He designed Swansea’s Central Police Station in 1913 which is startlingly similar to Lambeth Town hall, an earlier design. Ernest Morgan was living in London at the time Lambeth Town Hall was designed and built.
    Would you give me permission to reproduce the excellent photograph you have of it on your excellent blog in my book?

    Richard Porch


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