Pubs come in a variety of states and sizes. In a working class community, which I was brought up in they became one of the focus points of the local neighbourhood. Less so now with the advent of cheap take away booze from supermarkets, which seems to have pushed people increasingly to drink vast amounts of alcohol in the home and in many cases alone.


3 thoughts on “Free House: Salisbury

  1. Su Leslie

    I love this photo. When I first moved to England in 1991, I couldn’t believe how many pubs there were (I grew up in NZ where, until 1968, pubs closed at 6pm and thereafter were soul-less booze barns). We spent the ’90s living in small towns and villages and really enjoying getting to know people in “our local.” Ah, happy days. Thanks for posting this wonderful image.

    1. John Kerridge Post author

      Hello Su, Thank you. I’m quite lucky as I live in a place where the traditional pub still functions. As a child I recall the local pub being the hub of the community where children’s parties were held and ‘committees’ were formed to arrange visits to christmas pantomimes. Best wishes John

      1. Su Leslie

        Where I live now has the closest to a “local” I’ve found in New Zealand (well uban NZ anyway). No darts team, but they do have a fishing club. Cheers, Su.

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