Punk Albums 40 Years On

My top 10 so called “punk” albums, which I was listening too in the 1970s that have remained influential to this date.

1. Pink Flag – Wire

2. Entertainment! – Gang of Four 

3. Rattus Norvegicus – The Stranglers 

4. Fun House – The Stooges

5. The Clash

6. Never Mind the Bollocks – Sex Pistols

7. The Ramones 

8. The Undertones 

9. Germfree Adolescents – X-Ray Spex

10. Singles Going Steady – The Buzzcocks

2 thoughts on “Punk Albums 40 Years On

  1. John Burns

    Personally I’d have gone for Another Music in a Different Kitchen by Buzzcocks, and (not sure if it counts as punk) Power in the Darkness by TRB. Saw Tom Robinson play the album at the 100 Club last week and it is as powerful and relevant today.

    1. John Kerridge Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Excellent call John on both accounts. I found it difficult to get a Rizla paper between both the Buzzcock’s albums and on another day I may have gone for Another Music in a Different Kitchen. I also have some fondness for the first Damned LP, which did not make it on this list because I hardly listen to it now. As for TRB’s Power in the Darkness, it remains one of my favorite albums of all time. Would have loved to have seen the 100 Club show. Very jealous. Mind you I still have my Power in the Darkness vinyl from the day and yes the free stencil that came with it is still intact and unused!


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