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I’ve recently been working on the central themes for my first exhibition to be held in February 2015.  One of these themes is likely to be Dungeness, which as my mate Derek will confirm forms the largest natural shingle beach in Europe.  It is also classified as Britain’s only desert by the Met Office. In addition to its nuclear power station and lighthouse there is a scattered collection of dwellings, sheds and discarded boats. Some of the homes, small wooden houses in the main, many built around old railway coaches are owned and occupied by fishermen, whose working boats also lie on the beach. The most famous house is Prospect Cottage, formerly owned by the late artist and film director Derek Jarman. His garden reflects the bleak, windswept landscape of the peninsula. The garden is made of pebbles, driftwood, scrap metal and a few hardy plants. A further house of Dungeness is represented on the cover of Pink Floyd’s album “A collection of great dance songs”. These six shots are working drafts from the first batch of photographs I recently took.