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North Yorkshire Moors

The Last Time I Saw Richard



Time & Space


Black Moon

The last time we spoke, it was under a black moon. The chill and sound of pebbles beneath our feet as we made our way towards the water’s edge where we stood. Night had engulfed us given the journey we had both navigated to be here. Our distractions were merely our breath, small waves colliding on the shore, the rhythmic rattles of boat riggings that seemed to dance with the flow of the waters. It was the pause in our thoughts, which caught us out. “These moments don’t last forever and nor should they,” you said and with that our final words were shared.

Love of Camera

I don’t recollect much from that day, although it must have been around summer 1971 given I was roughly ten years old. Scarborough was one of those cheap and accessible holiday destinations for working-class families from the North-East. The battleships of Peasmole Park, getting drenched at high tide or my refusal to entertain the infamous cable car ride it was a destination of so many happy childhood memories. I do recall my dad calling me over and giving me a quick demonstration on home to use his small Kodak Camera. ‘I want to to take a photo of me and your mum, son. When I say not just press the button, but make sure you can see both of us.”

I stood ready and awaited the signal. My parents assembled, my dad leaning against the wall and mum stood next to him. They looked like tin rabbits waiting to be shot in one of those penny arcades we often visited during the evening. “not yet, son” came my dad’s instruction. He took my mum by the hand and guided her in front of him, she fell back, and he then wrapped his arms around her. “Now,” my dad said.

Let’s Go Somewhere and Never Come Back

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