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Open Memory Box

This website is simply quite beautiful in curation and content. The largest homemade collection of 8mm celluloid film captures both a time, but also people loving life from the defunct German Democratic Republic. Click on the anti-archive link and just get lost in individual stories. This is the link to the full website

History Matters

The architects of the oxymoron alternative facts aim to present information by taking history, stripping out any salient data and then repackage through a narrow dogma. It does not seek to educate. It is deliberately designed to feed fear in a world of increased insecurity. A world in which grown men are afraid of women dressed in a burka.  A world where the impulse fuse between receiving information, feeling resentment and reacting is now incredibly short. Yet history should be inescapable. It connects us all (for good or worse) through the study and legacies of our past it should inform the present and shape our future. Yet memories are short term in a world, which can tolerate wickedness, be it cruel observations on social media or the physical violence on the streets of Damascus or Mosul. We are entering a period where the first-hand living memory of war on the UK mainland will be gone forever. Their stories will be for others to interpret and tell. History belongs to us all, and we should never forget this because we both make history by our actions and it is also made by others in our name.