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Build It And They Will Come

Images have been created digitally, a collage of my old photos using Photoshop, Lightroom & AI adding some Jackson Pollock influence (my favourite artist). If you are interested in obtaining hi-res copies you can download, free of charge, by clicking here. The kind hearted amongst you can also make a small donation to any of the causes supported by Glastonbury Festival more information here.

Talking to Robots About Robots

I asked an Artificial Intelligence software programme to write a statement on the dangers of AI. This was the unedited reply.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work, but it also poses significant risks and dangers. As AI becomes more advanced and integrated into our daily lives, there are growing concerns about the potential consequences of its use.

One of the biggest dangers of AI is its potential to replace human jobs. As AI becomes more sophisticated, it has the ability to perform tasks that were previously only possible for humans, such as driving cars or diagnosing medical conditions. While this may lead to increased efficiency and productivity, it also has the potential to leave millions of people without work, which could have devastating economic and social consequences.

Another danger of AI is its potential to be used for malicious purposes. As AI becomes more advanced, it could be used to create autonomous weapons or to conduct cyberattacks, which could have catastrophic consequences. There are also concerns about the use of AI for surveillance and the potential for it to be used to violate privacy rights.

Additionally, there are concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability in the development and use of AI. As AI becomes more complex and autonomous, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand how it works and to ensure that it is being used ethically and responsibly.

It is important that we recognize the potential dangers of AI and take steps to mitigate these risks. This includes investing in research to better understand the risks and benefits of AI, developing regulations and guidelines to ensure that AI is used ethically and responsibly, and promoting transparency and accountability in the development and use of AI. By taking these steps, we can harness the power of AI while minimizing its potential risks and dangers.