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People, Places, and Spaces Conference Bristol

Enjoyed speaking to so many energised people at the ‘People, Places and Spaces conference’ in Bristol, which was organised by Locality. Sharing mistakes, successes and applying knowledge to new challenges is always refreshing. Good feedback too my assessment that we need a rethink of the role, powers and functions of local government now. We need to stop tinkering around the edges and stop continuously managing the crisis as this only leads to managing decline. We should never forget that regardless of the cuts local government will remain an important resource holder and when at its best it can be a great agent for change in local communities, but sadly for many, the behaviours sitting behind their experiences when engaging with local government leaves a lot to be desired.

The bicycle is dismounted, trouser clips, helmet and boots are removed unceremoniously, a warm greeting offered. We immediately venture into the kitchen for lunch. My pet dog Poppy makes a fuss and seeks attention. Ralph’s head is full of the book he has just completed, which has taken him six years to complete and is the first in a trilogy. ┬áRalph Hoyte is a Bristol-based writer and poet whom I have known for almost two decades. He readily poses for the session and to elicit the impact of the different shots I asked him a variety of questions to reflect upon, some humourous and others not so. If you would like to find out more about Ralph’s work then click (here).