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Karaoke Every Saturday

Glass Structure

Handy Mini Market

Bristol Friendly Society

The MAAT, Lisbon

St. Nicholas Market





That little piece of wasteland on Bath Road (Totterdown) that captures the eye as you pass it by and is occasionally occupied by the travelling community with their array of small caravans, open fires, and washing lines. The home of Scott Buchanan Barden’s mural, which depicts the Bristol Uprising (Riots) of 1831is witnessing its final days. The political overtures are being devoured by space invaders, star wars and a baseball cap wearing bulldog on a skateboard. There is no questioning the artistic capabilities of those currently at work on the site as I witness the fading of yesterday, but just my reflection of the connections between past, current and future struggles will be lost. It’s sad to see Barden’s mural slowly vanish while recognising and accepting the inevitability. In ten years time though I ask myself will people on the Number 1 bus, as they crawl past, still be looking at a space invader, star wars and a baseball cap wearing bulldog on a skateboard mural in the same way I have looked at Barden’s mural, I think not, but then again will it really matter and is it important?


Slavery Remembrance Ritual

Sunday afternoon 15th October and as part of the month-long Journey to Justice programme. A walk, which takes the participant on an exploration, which examines the complex history of Bristol’s involvement with slavery and its aftermath. A mixture of storytelling, music, singing, and movement based on the oral traditions and family histories of the descendants of enslaved people from the Caribbean and Africa. More photographs here and more information on the programme of Journey to Justice activities here.






City Tracks


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