Today I Stumbled Upon: Elvis Depressedly:

New Alhambra is the album by Elvis Depressedly. 9 tracks of  dreamy folk pop blending TV samples with lush harmonies, which are reminiscent of early Prefab Sprout material. All tracks are accomplished with the opening song ‘though shall not murder’ setting the underlining dark tone of the album. The album is a carefully calculated balance between heartfelt sadnesses and restful Sunday strolls in the countryside.

Each track, like the album itself is boiled down and focused to avoid any unnecessary fat. The longest track coming in at 3.25. There is an art to developing these types of albums, to long and the listener gets bored, to short and it can leave the listener dissatisfied. This album hits the nail on the head and is available on a name your own price basis, but well worth investing in. Enjoy.

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