Sharp Reader

Something for the weekend? For lovers of guitar driven rock two of my favourite bands, which I got to connect with through Bandcamp have recently released some new material, Mouth Reader from Murfreesboro, Tennessee and The Sharp Medicine from Los Angeles, California. Enjoy the noise.

Medium Mystic: Demo

Medium Mystic: Demo

Medium Mystic are a Brooklyn, New York garage band who have released a five track selection under the title Demo, which consists of catchy hooks and very competent songwriting. You can listen to Demo through the link below, which is also available on a name your price basis.

The Sharp Medicine: Animals of Power

Great to see and hear new material from Sharp Medicine.

Released August 9, 2016. Written and arranged by Andrew Stein and The Sharp Medicine

Vocals & Guitar: Andrew Stein
Bass & Vocals: Anthony Vancture
Drums: Mike Krol

Guitar and drums recorded at Downtown Rehearsal Studios in Los Angeles. Lead vocals recorded at Formosa Studios in Santa Monica. Bass guitar, backing vocals and synth recorded in Anthony Vancture’s closet.

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