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Old Models and Rusty Cars

As we prepare to kick the ass of 2020 goodbye. I’d like to share one of my efforts, which has enabled me to maintain a certain level of sanity through this challenging year and in the absence of the 2020 Glastonbury Festival. 

Once it dawned that we were in this for a long haul I assembled a small craft studio, under the stairs and started to track down, refurbish and rebuild vintage models and dingy cars…..with an added little twist. 

Things started rather slowly after discovering a vintage Saturn 5 rocket kit online. Still, the rocket found a happy home pretty quickly. Since the rocket, 10 months in and 10 little projects are on their way to being completed, each project is aligned with one of my favourite bands/artists or reflect my personal politics. They all have an individual back story which I will share.

Where an individual model reflects a passion for a particular band or artist I have been in contact with them and the plan is to auction them off during 2021 with some additional merch to raise funds for two local charities in Bristol. 

I don’t class myself anywhere close to being a master model maker, far from it, where my father had honed his skills since his childhood. My skill level is rather basic, albeit deployed with enthusiasm and a rye sense of humour.  With all the shit going down, I just wanted to find some time and some way to give a shit. 

Time to Plan: Helping small volunteer-led groups with their future

Over the past few months, I have been helping three small volunteer-led community groups in Bristol working on issues as diverse as enhancing public spaces, homelessness and inner city youth services. All three groups have little or no funding, which is not the immediate problem. They are all asking me to assist them with the development of a plan that will help guide their work into the future within the resources they currently hold, which I am happy to do. The back drop is they are all being increasingly asked to do more as local government does less. I am setting the rights and wrongs of this aside for the moment.

Here is the snag. Most if not all the examples of plans are seriously over the top and seem to have been designed by megalomaniacs, or consultants who have tried to be far far too smart (and expensive). I guess what I am talking about here is something that is practical, proportionate and designed around the needs of the groups. I have started to develop some ideas with the groups but was wondering if anybody out there knew of some good practice examples? I would like to produce something that is self-administrative, open source and free for any small ‘grass roots’ volunteer group with little or no funding wanting to develop a practical plan.