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Broekn BridgeAfternoon adventures are uncovering the places we often fail to find the time to discover. A quiet hour under the canopies of large trees. Trampling over broken branches and dried leafs, bird songs and in the distance the faint raw of city traffic. Air freshens. The smell of decay and new life contrive together to confuse the senses. Arrive at an opening with tumbled tree trunk for a seat. A flask of tea, sandwich and read a book. A profound silence descends that is only broken by the gentle breeze that stirs the trees. Close eyes, deep breath and exhale. Gather things and embark on the journey. Arrive at the broken bridge and say hello to the familiar figure standing on the other side.

West Norwood Cemetery, London

West Norwood Cemetery embraces dignified silence, being reflective, there is a deeply respectful and humbling sensation from visiting this cemetery. An appreciation of ones own allotted space in this metropolis we call a world that carries on regardless of individual circumstances. The realisation that time is the most precious resource we have freely inherited from our parents. Cemeteries are indeed emotive spaces and nowhere is this more evident than West Norwood Cemetery.

One of the magnificent seven cemeteries of London and recognised as a site of major historical, architectural and ecological interest. West Norwood Cemetery has the reputation of holding one of the finest collections of sepulchral monuments in London, featuring 69 Grade II and Grade II listed buildings and structures, including a dedicated Greek Orthodox necropolis with 19 listed mausoleums and monuments. Its extensive Gothic Revival architecture qualifies it as one of the significant cemeteries in Europe. The cemetery has a very active Friends of Group that aim to increase knowledge and appreciation of the Cemetery. The group hold general tours on the first Sunday of every month, special themed tours of the cemetery during the summer, and meetings with talks during the winter.