Music for The Massacre at El Mozote

The subject matter maybe challenging, but this collection of music is truly exhilarating to listen too. Headphones highly recommended.

Bandcamp Daily

David Little
“I think there can be a tendency, in this work and perhaps in my work in general, to really focus on the darker aspects, especially given the work’s inspiration. In a piece about El Mozote there is no other course to follow. But there is also beauty in this piece, and playfulness and joy. At least a little.”

On a chilly day in December 1981, several thousand soldiers descended on the village of El Mozote, in El Salvador. By the following evening, more than eight hundred civilians were dead. The troops massacred an entire village, allegedly because they were anti-government guerrillas.

Among the many horrible things about the myriad atrocities of the past century is how many are forgotten. A denial campaign—one guided by the Reagan administration, in support of El Salvador’s anti-Communist government—swept El Mozote under the rug for nearly a decade. Several years ago, composer David T. Little…

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